Roads and vehicular traffic are a key part of the day-to-day lives of people. Monitoring the flow and congestion of vehicular traffic is essential for efficient road systems in cities; therefore traffic monitoring has received a significant amount of attention. In recent years, many advanced sensor techniques have been adopted to collect real-time traffic information, such as loop detectors, cameras, etc. These sensor techniques all bear their advantages and disadvantages; first the traffic information collected with inductive-loop detectors embedded in the roads and with video cameras, these fixed installations do not give any traffic information beyond the locations where they are installed and their coverage. Second, in case of large scale urban road network it is not a practical scheme to use fixed detectors to collect the traffic information on every link, because it will incur a huge financial cost in both the initial construction and the subsequent maintenance.

To this end, we considered a simulator in order to simulate the vehicular mobility on a road network. The eventual goal of this project is simulating mobility on road network from any arbitrary region of the world. Through the simulator, we can capture the characteristics of mobility on a road network without huge financial cost.