Welcome to my page

My name is Giang-Truong Nguyen

I graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2015. My Major is Computer sience and Japanese

Currently, I am a graduate student under the supervisor of professor Kim Kyungbaek, in DNS laboratory of Korea's Chonnam National University



私は Giang-Truong Nguyen (長川 )ともします


今,韓国のチョンナム国立大学で勉強しています。私の監督者はKim Kyungbaek教授です


1. Listening to music (Nightwish, Metallica)
2. Playing harmonica
3. Reading Tarot (my favourite one is Deviant Moon Tarot card)

Research Interests

1. Big Data and Social network analysis
2. Recommendation system
3. Human behavior modeling (Association rules mining, Time series Data Analysis...)
4. Deep learning (as well as other machine learning techniques like SVM, Naive Bayes)



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    PDF   View


  • Giang-Truong Nguyen, Van-Quyet Nguyen, Sinh-Ngoc Nguyen, Kyungbaek Kim.
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  • Giang-Truong Nguyen, Van-Quyet Nguyen, Kyungbaek Kim
    Design of Knowledge Acquisition Subsystem with Mining Association Rules from Big Data.
    In Proceedings of the International Conference on Smart Media & Applications (SMA 2017) , December 17-19, 2017, Boracay, Philippines
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  • Van-Quyet Nguyen, Giang-Truong Nguyen, Sinh-Ngoc Nguyen, Kyungbaek Kim, "Leveraging Social Media for Enriching Disaster related Location Trustiness", Journal of Digital Contents Society Vol.18 No.3 pp. 567-575, June , 2017.
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